If there are birds, things are okay.

I followed in Dad’s tracks, stepping in each footprint like I did when I was little. His feet are slightly pigeon-toed, and I rotated my boots a few degrees to fit exactly within his prints.


Scattering Blue

Exciting news: one of my thesis essays, “Scattering Blue,” has been published on Entropy as part of their “The Birds” series! You can read the entire essay on the Entropy site: Entropy: Scattering Blue… Continue reading

Hello again

It’s been a while. Turns out that grad school takes up an inordinate amount of time. Who would have guessed? But, I’m done! I’m the proud new owner of a Masters of Science… Continue reading

Ohio has always been a place that I am from

An excerpt from a recent paper I wrote for my creative non-fiction environmental writing class.   It’s hard to explain, but Ohio has always been a place that I am from, even before… Continue reading

Why you should submit to Camas: The Nature of the West

6 reasons why you should submit to Camas: 1. Because it’s an awesome literary magazine put out by the Environmental Studies grad department at the University of Montana. (The fact that I’m in the… Continue reading

Bird Banding in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

Noise. Alarm. Snooze. Again. Clock 6:08 a.m. Light on. Up. Bathroom. Face cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, pee. Wash hands, spit, rinse, washcloth on face. Dry. Clothes off shelf: sports bra, socks, t-shirt, cargo pants,… Continue reading

“Why Read a Book?”

Two of my pleasures, in one poem: reading and looking at birds. Oh man. Not sure I’d always choose birds over books, but on these beautiful fall days, when the sun is warm… Continue reading

Love me like a flannel

    I want a love like my favorite flannel shirt. Soft and cozy, comfortable. Something you can wear every day, and that never goes out of style, a true classic plaid. A… Continue reading

Bird Banding Selfies

Bird Banders in the News Again! Last week we had a group from the Martin Meylin Middle School (which is located somewhere in Pennsylvania) visit the banding station. They were such a great… Continue reading

TSS on Wyoming Public Radio

A few weeks ago we had a reporter and photographer from Wyoming Public Radio come out to visit our banding station. They were gathering material for a few different pieces, both about bird… Continue reading