Dave Shealy’s Gorilla Supplier

I suppose that’s inaccurate, because I don’t know for sure that Dave got his gorilla here, but if you’ve ever wanted a giant concrete gorilla just like the one outside of the Skunk… Continue reading

Spring in Ohio

Last week I was in Ohio. Primarily I was there to eat chocolate and ham at my grandparent’s house for Easter, but I also had time to take some pictures of all the… Continue reading

Merritt Island: Heart and Soul

Part of my soul lives in the mountains. The steepness, the rough and smooth edges, peaks sharp or rounded, a barren summit or a wooded grove on the hillsides, the view, and the… Continue reading

Adventures in Florida: Part 2

A little late, but here it is! This is the rest of the pictures from our weekend road trip down to southern Florida a couple weeks ago. The second part of our Great… Continue reading

I got a NASA badge!

 Last week I finally got my NASA badge, which means I can go into the restricted areas on the refuge and over by all the NASA buildings!  So, on the way back from… Continue reading

Kayaking with manatees

Great Egret on the lookout for idle manatees. No manatees over here. Monday I finally took a kayak out to Bair’s Cove boat ramp, the notorious manatee hangout. Those manatees are a brassy… Continue reading


Florida, 2012 North Carolina, 2011 One                 Pounding, pounding. The dull wet slap of my feet in damp-packed sand at the edge of water. Waves, irregular intervals, stretching for my toes. I run,… Continue reading

The Rhythm of Family

This is the story of how we begin to remember   This is the powerful pulsing of love in the vein After the dream of falling and calling your name out These are… Continue reading

A Journey to the South

Last weekend Meghan, Patrick and I took a trip down south to see what we could see. Between the three of us we took a bazillion pictures (I counted) and I put some… Continue reading

Skimming Skimmers and Paddling Grebes

A few weeks ago I took some videos of birds at Merritt Island NWR. Here they are! This first one is of black skimmers skimming along one of the impoundments. I took this… Continue reading