Scattering Blue, published July 25, 2016 on Entropy

Through The Window, published Feb. 2017 on Bird’s Thumb

Other nonfiction writing

In The Air– column in Montana Woman Magazine

  • Snow Geese at Freezeout Lake, April 2017 issue
  • Black-capped Chickadee, February 2017 issue


Montana Natural History Center Field Notes, on Montana Public Radio


For my second year of graduate school at The University of Montana, I was one of the co-editors of Camas: The Nature of the West, a literary magazine produced by the Environmental Studies graduate students at UM. Along with the fantastic Chandra Brown, my co-editor/conspirator/roommate, we produced two issues: Winter 2015 and Summer 2016.

Winter 2015: Movement


Summer 2016: Revolutions


Scientific Publications


Burtt, Edward H., Jr., Schroeder, Max R., Smith, Lauren A., Sroka, Jenna E., and McGraw, Kevin J. Colourful parrot feathers resist bacterial degradationBiology Letters. 7.2. (2011): 214-216.

Summers, J.A., Nary, D., Lassmann, & Smith, L. (April, 2017). “What is Rural Resilience?” Poster presentation at the annual NARRTC conference in Alexandria, VA. See

Smith, L. ed. RTC:Rural, 2017.  Advocacy Skill Building Toolkit.  A toolkit for Centers for Independent Living and others to conduct workshops that use improv to introduce and develop advocacy skills in youth with disabilities.

Ohio Wesleyan Publications

In The OWL:

  • “Climbing Through Life.” 2009.
  • “Bats in the Backyard.” 2009.

In Confiscated:

Presque Isle Bird Banding Blog



Outdoor Minded Mag