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Hiking Up Sleeping Indian

A few weekends ago I hiked up Sheep Mountain, more commonly known as Sleeping Indian. I’ve never heard anyone call it Sheep Mountain, actually. According to Wikipedia, Sleeping Indian is 11, 239 feet above sea… Continue reading

Visiting Mountains, by Ted Kooser

  Visiting Mountains   The plains ignore us, but these mountains listen, an audience of thousands holding its breath in each rock. Climbing, we pick our way over skulls of small talk. On… Continue reading

A Hike to Taggart Lake

On Sunday last week I decided to go for a short hike. First though, I slept in til 8 a.m. (that’s super late for a bird bander, we normally wake up around 4… Continue reading


I like fence posts, especially the ones that haven’t been machine cut but are just lengths of wood, branches or twisted small trunks, gathered miles away then set in holes in a row… Continue reading

Lauren Life Update

Currently, my life is like this:   I am now living in Boulder, Colorado, in the basement of my good friend’s family. In exchange for room and board, I help out around the… Continue reading

Black Balsam

written in North Carolina, 2010.  It is listening that puts the world right again. When I listen to the wind, gently rustling the grasses, a feeling of peace pervades my being, as if… Continue reading

I like the mountains

I like watching the cloud shadows move across the mountains. I like seeing only mountains for hundreds of miles in all directions. I like the baking sun and the cooling wind, making me… Continue reading

Memorial Day in the Mountains

For the long weekend (last weekend, it took me a while to go through all my pictures) I went up to North Carolina, to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest. Two… Continue reading

Merritt Island: Heart and Soul

Part of my soul lives in the mountains. The steepness, the rough and smooth edges, peaks sharp or rounded, a barren summit or a wooded grove on the hillsides, the view, and the… Continue reading