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If there are birds, things are okay.

I followed in Dad’s tracks, stepping in each footprint like I did when I was little. His feet are slightly pigeon-toed, and I rotated my boots a few degrees to fit exactly within his prints.

Ohio has always been a place that I am from

An excerpt from a recent paper I wrote for my creative non-fiction environmental writing class.   It’s hard to explain, but Ohio has always been a place that I am from, even before… Continue reading

Ohio Wesleyan University Reunion Note

In May of 2014 it will have been five years since I graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University. Five. That’s a long time, and yet not. I feel like I haven’t done that much. Which… Continue reading

My sister the Thrifting Queen

My sister Megan is the Queen of Goodwill. That’s a fact. Abba even did a song about her:   Ooooo she’s a Thrifting Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen*, Thrifting Queen, feel the beat… Continue reading

Siberia, Ohio, and the Moon

Recently, a friend of mine asked me what I say when people ask where I’m from. Ohio, I promptly replied. That’s easy. It’s where I was born and raised, and where my car… Continue reading

Jasper Kitty

My Jasper kitty died on Easter. My dad called me two days later to tell me. I was in a coffee shop, working. I could tell as soon as I picked up that… Continue reading

Winter Nap

Because we just had more than a foot of snow dump on us here in Boulder (and I think there’s more coming), I thought I’d share this piece. It was written more than… Continue reading

Waiting for pines

Written while waiting for a friend at Ohio Wesleyan University, Spring 2009.  There are two pine trees, stuck between two buildings, two cement squares of sidewalk. The pines are thin, an arm-span around,… Continue reading


Written for my MatadorU course a few weeks ago. The assignment was to write a piece that included dialogue. There were a few other requirements as well, but I don’t remember what they were (other… Continue reading

A Walk Through the Backyard

On the deck, just outside the sliding-glass door, there are red specks in the snow, either cayenne pepper flakes or blood my younger brother Eric says. Mom puts pepper in the bird seed… Continue reading