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Scattering Blue

Exciting news: one of my thesis essays, “Scattering Blue,” has been published on Entropy as part of their “The Birds” series! You can read the entire essay on the Entropy site: Entropy: Scattering Blue… Continue reading

Hello again

It’s been a while. Turns out that grad school takes up an inordinate amount of time. Who would have guessed? But, I’m done! I’m the proud new owner of a Masters of Science… Continue reading

Ohio has always been a place that I am from

An excerpt from a recent paper I wrote for my creative non-fiction environmental writing class.   It’s hard to explain, but Ohio has always been a place that I am from, even before… Continue reading

Why you should submit to Camas: The Nature of the West

6 reasons why you should submit to Camas: 1. Because it’s an awesome literary magazine put out by the Environmental Studies grad department at the University of Montana. (The fact that I’m in the… Continue reading

I’m the Paperblog Blogger of the Day!

Paperblog made me their Blogger of the Day!   Since you may be wondering “What is Paperblog?!?!”, I pulled this from their website for your edification (and edited it a little). You’re welcome.… Continue reading

A Postcard from Cambodia

I got this in the mail the other day: “An elderly Cambodian woman puffs locally grown tobacco.”  This is what the back says:   Smithy, How’s Boulder? Cambodia and Vietnam are HOT! but… Continue reading

An Unfortunate Reality

  It is an unfortunate reality for innate idlers that our modern world requires one to hold a job to maintain a sustainable existence.” — J. Maarten Troost, from the book The Sex… Continue reading

Wildlife Linkspam for Your Reading Pleasure

Originally posted on Rebecca Heisman:
It’s that time again – time for one of my irregular collections of wildlife and conservation links from around the web that have caught my eye. Bird-heavy, as…

Waiting for pines

Written while waiting for a friend at Ohio Wesleyan University, Spring 2009.  There are two pine trees, stuck between two buildings, two cement squares of sidewalk. The pines are thin, an arm-span around,… Continue reading

The words of the world

Vedauwoo, Wyoming 2011 Washington D.C. 2011 I like to think that everything is made up of words. If you looked deep enough, instead of atoms you’d find that everything is a microscopic mass… Continue reading